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Morgridge Academy

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Morgridge Academy: Special Programs

Morgridge Academy is a very unique school in that we take a different approach to the learning process. Here at Morgridge Academy, we focus not only on the academic progress of our students, but also on their medical health, social and physical growth as well as their emotional well-being. Each of our staff members is versed in how to educate our students to make sure they are becoming lifelong learners in all aspects of their environment.

We offer physical education and fine arts classes every day for all of our students to make sure we are succeeding in offering them a well-rounded school experience.

We also have a nursing staff here full time so each of our children has constant care for their medical needs.

Our Child Advocate and our Counselor teach our students how to interact with their social environments in a positive way. We follow the CDE-approved Positive Behavior Interventions and Support System to help encourage our kids to do the right thing by giving them positive reinforcements.