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Morgridge Academy

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Wish List

  • Morgridge Academy Student Transportation to and from School: It costs $130.00 per family per day for Morgridge Academy students to ride with our transportation company. Currently, 25 families are using this service.

  • Peak flow Meters for Asthmatic Children: Peak flow meters are replaced several times every year. Each meter costs $8.00.

  • Spacers for Inhalers for Asthmatic Children: Spacers are used every time a child treats or pre-treats for an activity. Spacers cost $8.00 each and are replaced several times each year.

  • Food Gift Cards for Student Families

  • Swim Goggles: Swim goggles must be replaced at a rate of about 25 per year. Swim goggles cost about $5.00 per pair.

  • Student Uniforms: Morgridge Academy students wear uniforms to school four days per week. The estimated cost per uniform is $25.00 and Morgridge Academy will pass out between 75 and 100 uniforms per year to children who can't afford them.

  • Morgridge Academy Sweatshirts: Morgridge Academy students are given one uniform sweatshirt per year to wear inside the building, and to the playground in cool weather. Sweatshirts cost about $25.00 each.

  • Playground Equipment: Some of the playground equipment is getting worn and battered and needs replacing. The estimated cost to replace footballs, basketballs and volleyballs is $150.00.