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Finding Answers for Josiah

Josiah and Emily are siblings who both have chronic health issues. Josiah has severe asthma, eczema, environmental allergies and recurrent anaphylaxis. Emily has asthma that affects her ability to be physically active. Josiah often visited the emergency department weekly and missed a considerable amount of school – until he was referred to National Jewish Health and enrolled in Morgridge Academy. The treatment that Josiah and Emily received at National Jewish Health for Kids turned their health completely around. They became students at Morgridge Academy, which has provided the special care than they need to keep their conditions managed and stay in class. Read Josiah’s and Emily’s story.

Josiah and Emily with grandma

Morgridge Academy Has Been a Life-Changer for Denver-Area Family

During a house fire, then 5-year-old Natalie Sublet suffered smoke inhalation that significantly injured her lungs. Between medical treatments over several months and being homebound, she missed most of the school year. Natalie became a student at Morgridge Academy because she needed a school to help manage her medical conditions and get her grades back on track. “Morgridge is fabulous at accommodating kids,” said Natalie's mom, Angie Sublet. “Without them, my daughter would not be going to school. We would be homebound and a tutor would have to visit us.” Read Natalie's story.

Natalia Sublet

Morgridge Academy Mom Says School Has Been ‘Vital’ to Her Family’s Success

Malik and Kaori Davenport were born with cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system with thick mucus, and each has developed Type 1 diabetes. Their mom, Katie Hastie, is grateful for the quality education and competent medical care they received from the school's full-time nurses, a luxury that doesn’t exist in a public school. Read their story.

Kaori Davenport

Current Student Testimonials

Nyelah's Story

What made me come to Morgridge Academy is my asthma. My other school did not pretreat us for PE, so I had a hard time breathing. What I like best about Morgridge Academy is the pool. It is fun. I did not know how to swim and Jim, the gym teacher, helped me.

Morgridge Academy helped me and my family by giving us gift cards and uniforms. When we were out of uniforms, Morgridge would give us some more and it would make me happy. The gift cards help us so much and thank you.

How I have been successful at Morgridge is when I need help. The teachers help me so much and I can do my work. Also, I am kind to people.



Alana's Story

I live in a pretty good neighborhood. I went to the school by my home and I would get sent home a lot. It was my allergies that caused me to go home a lot, but I also have asthma. That did not help my education. I did not read very well and I was not where I need to be with my learning. I did not feel supported when it came to my education or health.

I came to Morgridge Academy to learn and manage allergies and asthma. One thing I love about Morgridge Academy is that we are a family. And the classes are small, so the teachers pay more attention to your educational needs. Morgridge Academy has helped me a lot. I read so much better. I am getting better at my spelling too. I feel happy knowing that if I do have an asthma attack or my allergies go nuts, I will be taken care of the right way. I also found out I have dyslexia from one of the teachers here at Morgridge Academy. I have been here since first grade. Since I've been at Morgridge Academy, I've grown academically and physically. For my last years at Morgridge Academy, I will push myself to work hard, be the best I can be and continue to be part of a great family! 

Samyrah's Story

I came here when my mom found out I had allergies and asthma. I am allergic to peanuts, pistachios and cashews. I take albuterol and symbicort, and I never have to use my Epipen.

When I started kindergarten, I made a friend that always took my coat off for me showing major kindness. He transferred schools in fifth grade but we are still friends to this day. My favorite part of Morgridge is the fact that there, we spread a lot of kindness and  that we have three nurses. If you're worried about getting your child to school and you're too far away, just ask Ms.McCullough to get your child an account for transportation. If your child is in sixth grade, things can be hard and stressful, but we have a teacher who is always prepared. Her name is Ms. Courtney. If you're looking for hardcore, Ms. Walden is the perfect candidate. We swim every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Monday through Thursday in the morning we have Fine Arts. In the afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday, we have PE. On Fridays we have PE one week and Fine Arts the other.



Breana's Story

I came to Morgridge Academy because growing up I had really bad eczema and allergies. I was allergic to a ton of stuff like eggs, seafood, all nuts, and a lot more, so I had to really watch what I was eating. I was in the hospital a lot for food tests and advice for my eczema and how to control it. My mom spent tons of money on creams and took a lot of time to help me out. My skin was super bad. It would crack, bleed, itch, and hurt extremely badly. I would  cry because of how painful it was. I had a hard time focusing when  I was younger because I used to constantly itch. Morgridge has helped me so much. Because of Morgridge, I know how to maintain my eczema and what to do to keep it that way. I know that everything I eat at Morgridge has only stuff that I can eat. I can trust Morgridge becuase they make meals that fit kids needs. Morgridge has helped me and my family a lot from teaching me how to maintain my eczema to being able to watch out for my alleriges.

They also have a ride service where the ride picks you up and drops you off to school. I live pretty far from school, so this ride service has helped me a ton and I really appreicate it. I have been very successful since I've been at Morgridge. I have gotten straight A's and I have been learning Korean that the school has been providing for me. My favority story that I have is when we celebrate Dr. Seuss Day. We used to eat white chocoloate shaped like an egg with a green M&M on top to look like a green egg in ham and we had jello with gummy fish in it. Then we would watch Cat in the Hat while the whole school was decorated, and take pictures. I loved doing that.

We do music programs where we invite all parents to the gym and put on a show for them. I really enjoyed the backstage experience. Everyone in their classrooms and so many people in the bathrooms are getting ready. Then after the program they would have food, snacks, and drinks ready for you. Everyone would congratulate you on how good you did. It was really enjoyable and built a lot of memories with your friends and families. Morgridge is an amazing school and I have loved my time here. I am currently an 8th grader and this will be my last year, but it has been a ton of fun.

Erick's Story

Hi, my name is Erick and this is my story being at Morgridge Academy. The reason I go here is because of my asthma. I've been going here for 8 years.

I have met so many great people in my years going here. It's good that I go here because of blood pressure and the nurses help me with it by monitoring it so I stay healthy. The teachers help me with my ADHD by giving me things to help me concentrate on work like fidgets. So, thank you to all the teachers and that's my story being at Morgridge Academy.


Former Student Testimonials

Daniel's Story

During my time at Morgridge Academy, I learned how to manage my asthma. As part of our morning routine, students would check in with the nurses. Every student had their own medical routine to complete, before starting our day, with the supervision of a nurse. This instilled habits in me that are true to this day. With the help of the nurses and the educated staff, I was able to build a healthy physical relationship with myself. I learned how to be conscious about my body, how my surroundings could impact my immediate ability to breath, and the long-term benefits of taking preventive actions.These teachings were built on Morgridge's unique physical education and resources. From having swimming classes twice a week to our yearly camping trip, there was always a moment for real-world learning. As a former student, now a parent to a child with asthma, I can confidently say that Morgridge Academy provides an environment that is committed to the whole development of a child. 

Catarina's Story

Catarina arrived at Morgridge Academy in a wheelchair. Her mother hoped the school’s special care and education style would help Catarina work through the self-esteem issues that sometimes caused her to be difficult in class.

They placed her in the lowest-ability classes in seventh grade – a level that her mom admitted might even be too high.

The Morgridge Academy staff began to do what they do with each student – they worked with Catarina individually to find out what she needed in order to succeed.

Because of Morgridge Academy’s small class sizes, Catarina’s teacher was able to spend time with her individually each day, and staff from National Jewish Health’s rehabilitation department supported Catarina’s intensive physical therapy needs.

Catarina also benefited from other Morgridge Academy services. As a single mom who struggles with her finances, Catarina’s mother was thrilled to know her child was receiving healthy meals twice a day.

Today, Catarina is a different girl. She graduated from the second highest ability group in her eighth grade class, learned to walk – first with hand crutches and then independently, and could swim 20 laps in the Morgridge Academy’s Magazine Gymnasium pool in 20 minutes without taking a break. She has joined Denver’s top charter high school where she’ll continue her pursuit of a career in biochemistry. 

Tiauna's Story

I came from an underprivileged home; I grew up in a household with just my mother and me. I was very sick with asthma, and was hospitalized a lot. When I got sick, my mother was always there for me. She sometimes lost a job because of my illness. One day, someone told her about the Morgridge Academy on the campus of National Jewish Health. My mom signed me up.  

I was a student in the Morgridge Academy from 1992 until 2000, kindergarten through seventh grade. They helped me learn to manage my asthma, and during that time I saw several doctors from National Jewish Health.

The teachers at Morgridge Academy kept me focused on academics. They always talked about higher education—my family did, too—and now I am a student at Community College of Aurora.

What would have happened to me without the Morgridge Academy? I probably would have spent a lot more time in hospitals. While some of my friends are in in college, some aren't. I have friends who now have kids of their own. Some of them—even people with asthma—smoke cigarettes and weed. Some of them are working. I will graduate in May, 2009 with an Associates Degree in Business.

The Morgridge Academy changed my life.