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Patient Financial Responsibility

National Jewish Health is committed to providing quality healthcare and service to all patients. We understand that billing and payment for health care services can be confusing and complicated. Knowing your insurance policy is vital to receiving the maximum benefits possible. Failure to meet your insurance requirements may result in partial or complete claim denial and/or a higher co-payment/or deductible. We request that you pay any insurance co-payments, deductible, and/or co-insurance at the time of registration.  

View our Financial Assistance Policy.

Please be aware, National Jewish Health is a hospital facility and the physicians are employees of the hospital. Therefore, in addition to a specialty physician co-payment, a hospital co-payment, deductible, and/or co-insurance may apply. If you have any questions about your financial responsibility, please contact your insurance carrier.  

As a courtesy to patients and their families, National Jewish Health submits claims to most insurance carriers. To insure proper and prompt processing of your claim, it is important that all current insurance information be presented at the time of pre-registration and/or admission. Please have a copy of your insurance card and your driver’s license or other form of identification with you when you check-in.  

National Jewish Health is a specialty hospital. Consequently, many insurance plans require a referral in order to access health care at National Jewish Health. If your insurance plan has such a requirement, it is your responsibility to obtain a referral from your Primary Care Physician and/or Specialist Physician. Referrals can be faxed to 303.270.2153.

If your insurance plan requires the medical services scheduled to be pre-certified or pre-authorized, National Jewish Health will attempt to obtain such approval from the insurance plan or the entity responsible for utilization management. Failure to meet your insurance requirements may result in partial or complete claim denial or a higher co-payment/or deductible, and you may be responsible for the remaining balance.

National Jewish Health staff are available to assist you in understanding your hospital insurance benefits. We attempt to verify your insurance benefits prior to medical services being completed. Estimates of your financial responsibility are based on the accuracy of this information. The insurance benefit information provided by your insurance plan is based on the latest information they have available. Please remember that your insurance plan benefits are a contract between you, your employer and your insurance company. It is in your best interest to know and understand your benefits.

In the event you do not have insurance coverage, or cannot pay the patient responsibility portion of your bill, you will be asked to speak with one of our financial counselors. Our financial counselors are trained to assist you in meeting your financial obligations. We offer a variety of payment plans and prompt payment discounts. We accept all major credit cards. Financial counselors can also assist you in applying for charitable or public assistance programs for which you may be eligible. This service is provided to you at no cost. However, your cooperation is essential to successfully qualify for these programs. You are still financially responsible for the medical services until you are qualified for one of the programs.   Please contact our Patient Financial Counseling Office at 303.398.1065 with any questions prior to your visit.        

Please remember that all of your co-payments for prescriptions will be collected at the Pharmacy.