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Back to School Checklist

Back to School ChecklistUse this checklist to make sure your children and their schools are prepared for all health needs during the coming school year. Once school starts it’s a good idea to schedule a time to talk with the school’s clinic staff and teachers regarding health issues. This gives you an opportunity to make sure the school understands your concerns and allows them to get their questions answered.

Use this checklist to help prepare your child for a healthy and successful school year.


Especially for High School and College Age Students

Encourage students old enough to carry their own medicines to take ownership of their health. They need to know what they are allergic to and how to treat reactions, and what triggers their asthma and how to treat it. Equally important, they need to know when to call you and when to go to the school clinic.

Review with your student:

  • Allergies: their triggers/symptoms, when to take daily medicine and how to treat allergic reactions

  • Asthma: their triggers/symptoms, and when to take daily and rescue medicine

  • Medication refills: your family’s refill process

  • Insurance coverage and information

  • Epinephrine injection: practice with injector trainer

  • Medication responsibility (carry at all times)

  • Medical identification