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EILO/VCD Program

exercise and performance lab testingThe National Jewish Health Exercise and Performance Breathing Center offers an encapsulated program for patients with exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction/vocal cord dysfunction traveling from out-of-state.

This is the premier program in the world for exercised-induced laryngeal obstruction/vocal cord dysfunction.

We understand that exercise is an important part of who you are.

The program generally runs for five days. From a diagnostic perspective, the program features relaxed consultation time and continuous laryngoscopy during exercise. Some testing to quantify the presence or absence of asthma and other conditions occurs early in the program. From a therapeutic perspective, the program includes three sessions of therapeutic laryngoscopy during exercise, during which time, at least one version of the Olin EILOBI breathing techniques is taught. The teaching is strengthened and shaped for specific activities by the speech-language pathology team. A member of our behavioral health team also works to optimize ways of framing stressful thoughts around exercise.

Our team devotes specific attention to the detailed mechanical considerations of the breathing, the time needed to develop fluidity with the technique, some of the common patterns of thought that worsen breathing problems during exercise, and customizing the breathing for the patient’s exercise activity of choice.

We also have created a language around our system so that we are able to communicate with patients over the phone as changes occur after the program has been completed. We can also coordinate and speak with coaches and training staff to optimize transition back into competitive sports.

This is a challenging program because intense exercise occurs daily on multiple occasions. At the same time, this is a highly-efficient solution for competitive adolescents and young adults, professional and international athletes, and adults who want to quickly get back to enjoying exercise for reasons related to health and enjoyment.

As this is a program which relies heavily on teaching, it is affordable and most, if not all, portions of the program are covered by the majority of insurance companies.

If you would like to arrange a time to talk with one of our team members about program, please email us at:


Exercise Tests We Offer

  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
  • Continuous Laryngoscopy during Exercise
  • Therapeutic laryngoscopy during Exercise
  • Exercise-Induced Asthma treadmill testing
  • Eucapnic Voluntary Hyperventilation for exercised-induced asthma


Our Team

The National Jewish Health Exercise and Performance Breathing Center is led by J. Tod Olin, MD, MSCS, a pediatric pulmonologist with a specific interest in exercise. Dr. Olin steam invented therapeutic laryngoscopy during exercise and the Olin EILOBI breathing techniques.

Lizzie Fan, PA-C is a physician’s assistant with specific expertise in pediatric exercise intolerance. She processes specific expertise in continuous laryngoscopy during exercise.

Patti George, MD is a pulmonologist with expertise in pulmonary hypertension and its interface with exercise.

Darlene Kim, MD is a cardiologist with expertise in right heart failure and its interface with exercise. She presents a specific expertise in heart catheterization during exercise.

Our team interfaces directly with Rehabilitation Services, Speech Therapy, and Behavioral Health. We have ongoing dialogue with specialists in pediatric and adult cardiology, otolaryngology, psychology, performance psychology, endocrinology, and neurology as well as adult pulmonology, cardiology, and performance psychology.


Additional Information

Learn more about asthma and athletes and how they could be misdiagnosed.

Meet Lexi Beggan (Opens in a new window), a runner who used therapeutic laryngoscopy during exercise and the Olin EILOBI breathing techniques to perform her best.



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  • Mohammad Dalabih

    Mohammad Dalabih, MD

  • Elizabeth M. Fan

    Elizabeth M. Fan, PA-C

  • Marjorie Patricia George

    Marjorie Patricia George, MD

  • Darlene Kim

    Darlene Kim, MD, FACC

  • J. Tod Olin

    J. Tod Olin, MD, MSCS

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