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Physician and asthma patientAsthma is a chronic lung disease, also known as reactive airway disease. Asthma symptoms can include wheezing, tight chest and shortness of breath. The good news is that with good medical care, the right asthma medications and proper monitoring, you can keep asthma under control.

In Denver, Colorado, and around the country, National Jewish Health is the trusted leader in caring for patients with moderate or severe asthma. In 2016, we created The Cohen Family Asthma Institute to address the need for severe asthma care, research and education. Our multidisciplinary team treats all aspects of asthma. Whether you have mild, moderate or severe asthma, we have a wide range of individualized asthma treatment programs to help you.

Our doctors are researchers too, so you have access to the latest asthma clinical trials and most effective treatments.


Asthma Care at National Jewish Health

At National Jewish Health, you’ll find:

  • Advanced testing not available elsewhere
  • The latest and most effective therapies, including bronchial thermoplasty
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Nutrition counseling and education
  • Continued follow-up to meet your changing needs

Learn more about our Asthma Treatment Programs.


  • Rafeul Alam

    Rafeul Alam, MD, PhD

  • Ron Balkissoon

    Ron Balkissoon, MD, MSc, DIH, FRCPC

  • Megan Baumgardner

    Megan Baumgardner, PT, DPT

  • David A. Beuther

    David A. Beuther, MD, PhD, FCCP

  • Jordan Bull

    Jordan Bull, PA-C

  • Divya Chauhan

    Divya Chauhan, MD

  • Anne DelBovo

    Anne DelBovo, NP

  • Gregory P. Downey

    Gregory P. Downey, MD

  • David M. Ferraro

    David M. Ferraro, MD

  • Jessica Galant-Swafford

    Jessica Galant-Swafford, MD

  • Elizabeth K. George

    Elizabeth K. George, MD, MPH

  • Marjorie Patricia George

    Marjorie Patricia George, MD

  • Anthony N. Gerber

    Anthony N. Gerber, MD, PhD

  • Ann Granchelli

    Ann Granchelli, MD

  • Yakira Gruber

    Yakira Gruber, DPT

  • Vamsi P. Guntur

    Vamsi P. Guntur, MD, MSc

  • Flavia Cecilia Lega Hoyte

    Flavia Cecilia Lega Hoyte, MD

  • Shelby R. Jenkins

    Shelby R. Jenkins, OTR

  • Rohit K. Katial

    Rohit K. Katial, MD

  • Matthew Koslow

    Matthew Koslow, MD

  • Gabriel C. Lockhart

    Gabriel C. Lockhart, MD

  • Steven E. Lommatzsch

    Steven E. Lommatzsch, MD

  • Sean Maddock

    Sean Maddock, MD

  • Adriel J. Malavé

    Adriel J. Malavé, MD

  • Vipin Malik

    Vipin Malik, MD

  • Laurie A. Manka

    Laurie A. Manka, MD

  • Richard J. Martin

    Richard J. Martin, MD

  • Hilda Metjian

    Hilda Metjian, MD, FCCP

  • Michael Nevid

    Michael Nevid, MD

  • Hoang Nguyen

    Hoang Nguyen, PT, DPT

  • Christine Nguyen

    Christine Nguyen, DO

  • James K. O'Brien

    James K. O'Brien, MD, FACP, FCCP

  • Claudia Onofrei

    Claudia Onofrei, MD, MSc

  • Kanao Otsu

    Kanao Otsu, MD, MPH

  • Irina Petrache

    Irina Petrache, MD

  • Katherine Rosen

    Katherine Rosen, RN, MSN, ANP-C

  • Howard Saft

    Howard Saft, MD, MS

  • Elaine M. K. Schwartz

    Elaine M. K. Schwartz, MD, FCCP

  • Michael D. Schwartz

    Michael D. Schwartz, MD, FCCM

  • Jennifer Sederberg

    Jennifer Sederberg, NP

  • Savannah Shannon

    Savannah Shannon, PA-C

  • Evan L. Stepp

    Evan L. Stepp, MD

  • Sheila Tsai

    Sheila Tsai, MD

  • Eileen Wang

    Eileen Wang, MD, MPH

  • Ryan Webster

    Ryan Webster, MD

  • Michael E. Wechsler

    Michael E. Wechsler, MD, MMSc

  • James Woodrow

    James Woodrow, MD

  • Allison Zangle

    Allison Zangle, PT, DPT

Clinical Trials

Patient Stories

Nancy Deans

Nancy Deans

When breathing difficulties forced Nancy Deans to her knees, she had to give up her passion, barrel racing. Pulmonologist Don Rollins, MD, and his colleagues got Nancy back in the saddle.

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