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It’s not as hard as you think to eat a healthy breakfast. Make healthy choices including fresh fruit and whole grains and lean proteins such as egg whites, tofu and poultry.



  • Top whole-grain toast with sunflower seed  butter or almond butter and ½ sliced banana.
  • Add plain Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries or other fresh fruit to a whole-grain bagel.


Whole Grain Bread



  • Add flaxseed, blueberries and nuts to a cooked bowl of steel cut oats and serve with nonfat milk, soy milk or almond milk.
  • Make oatmeal pancakes with apples or blueberries, served with sugar-free syrup.



Oatmeal with Berries



  • Add fruit and low-fat granola to your favorite plain yogurt.
  • Blend fruit into yogurt with your favorite non-fat milk.

A note about yogurt: soy or almond varieties are more heart healthy than dairy yogurt.



Yogurt with Berries


Pita or Tortilla

  • Fill a whole grain or whole wheat pita bread filled with chopped onions, cooked tofu or chicken sausage crumbles and your favorite salsa.
  • Roll a whole grain or whole wheat tortilla with scrambled egg whites and fresh vegetables, then top with salsa or other condiment.
  • Top a flat whole wheat pita bread round with refried beans, lettuce, tomato and salsa for a healthy tostada.



Cutting Vegetables