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REGAIN Study to Understand Asthma

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Trial Objectives

The purpose of this study is to collect data on what drives asthma in the body and how it reacts depending on the environment and treatment. Participants will be asked to complete tests, procedures and questionnaires, and to give blood and nasal samples. Data from medical records also will be collected. The study will compare data between asthmatics and healthy people.

Who Can Participate

Adults (18 and older) with asthma diagnosed by a specialist at National Jewish Health and are not currently smoking.  

Also, non-smoking adults (45 and older) without asthma or other serious health conditions may be eligible to participate. 

All study participants must be able to attend in-person study visits at the National Jewish Health campus in Denver, CO.

Age: 18+ Gender Any

Estimated Time Commitment

Up to 4 clinic visits for asthmatics over a year, One clinic visit for healthy people

Payment & Reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement Not Available

Trial Contact

For more information, contact:


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Trial Location

National Jewish Main Campus, Denver, CO

Trial Sponsors

Mount Sinai, Sema4, Sanofi

Principal Investigators

Eileen Wang

Eileen Wang, MD, MPH


  • Rafeul Alam

    Rafeul Alam, MD, PhD

  • Jessica Galant-Swafford

    Jessica Galant-Swafford, MD

  • Vamsi P. Guntur

    Vamsi P. Guntur, MD, MSc

  • Flavia Cecilia Lega Hoyte

    Flavia Cecilia Lega Hoyte, MD

  • Laurie A. Manka

    Laurie A. Manka, MD

  • Kanao Otsu

    Kanao Otsu, MD, MPH

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